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One step calibration and online testing product—radio frequency switch

WELKIN is the sole agent for BINDICATOR product in China. The radio frequency material level controller is different from other company’s products, it omits the complicated calibration and testing procedure. It can be used in many occasions covering products from solid bulk materials to syrup and liquid. As for radio frequency material level controller, if it can not guarantee precise calibration and testing, it may lead to material overflow causing a lot of money waste for cleaning. By using our radio frequency material level controller, you only need one step calibration, then you can eliminate all material overflow risks. This simple step comes from the automatic calibration technology of the patent EZ-CAL, it makes the calibration process very simple and fast. If you use products from other companies, you need a very complicated calibration and it is very hard to reach high precision. By using EZ—CAL technology, in case the material leaves probe for certain distance, you can then make precise calibration at any time.

The other patent—online testing technology is also very simple. It makes sure that you do not need to open the instrument cover, even you can realize online testing on the material level controller in a remote area. For application in dangerous areas and on the occasion that you must prevent the overflow of scattered materials, the online testing function is specially important. As on the instrument head, there is red LED and green LED indicators, you only need to watch these two indicators, you can then judge whether the instruments are working normally, no need to run to a faraway control room to watch it. The radio frequency material level controller can save you time, energy and money to prevent the overflow of scattered materials accidentally.  

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