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Name: RF Series
Instruction Application

The Bindicator RF(Radio Frequency)Series is a family of point level switches used to detect the presence or absence of material at apoint inside a tank, bin or other vessel. The RF Series is used for high and low level detection in thousands of applications from bulk solids to slurries and liquids.Bindicator's unique calibration technology overcomes problems associated with other capacitance probes. preventing false indications.All Bindicator integral RF units have remote versions. Remote models separate the electronics from the RF probe, where conditions could be harmful.
Bindicator manufactures the premier RF-9200  integral and RF-12000 remote as well as 14 other models,each available with many options and accessories. Remote models are available for high temperature or high vibration applications.When combined with our large selection of probes, we have an RF sensor for virtually every application.
· EZ-CAL®Calibration     Calibrate to air without removing the cover
· Test-ln-place™         Test by pushing a button, turning a key, or using a magnetic fob without removing the cover
· Calibration and Alarm Lights      Green LED indicates calibration status;red LED indicates alarm status
· Calibration lndication output Relay     Green LED blinks and special relay switches to notify operator that calibration is necessary
· Field Selectable Fail-Safe Operation
· Pro-Guard™       patented probe design ignores material build -up on probe
· DPDT Output Relay
How the RF Series Works:
The RF Series works on the radio frequency/capacitance principle. The sensing electronics have been designed to detect the difference between the electrical characteristics of air (no material)and the material being detected.
The detection circuitry [A] compares this signal with a fixed feference RF signal. The phase difference between these two radio frequency signals causes the output relay to alarm.
The electronics sense a change in the electrical characteristics when material covers the probe[B]. The radio frequency signal driving the active sensing section of the probe will change when material is present.

EZ-CAL®calibration allows calibrating the unit to air, without removing the cover or moving the material in and out of the vessel.
RF Probes:
· Solids, powders and liquids in tanks and bins
Flush/Done Flush
· Plugged chute detection;where bridged material may shear or bend other probes when material shifts; coal applications or where slightly conductive coatings may occur
· Desihned for high, mid,or low level indication when top mounting is necessary
· For extreme temperatures up to 1000°F(538℃).Provides protection because electronics are mounted remotely from probe.
Probe options
Other RF probes
Pro-Guard® is a patented probe and circuit design that cancels out the effects of material coating on the probe, preventing false indications. Twl Ryton®,polysulfone, or ceramic insulators keep the probe signal from shorting to ground through the coating. In addition, and electrically active metal band generates a field of electricity that keeps
the probe signal from shorting to ground.The combined effects of the insulators and the active guare make the RF

Series with Pro-Guard.

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